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annual reports, financial statements and corporate plans

The integrity and objectivity of the financial statements of Waterfront Toronto (legally known as the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation) is the responsibility of management.

Our financial statements are prepared in compliance with all relevant legislation and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for not-for-profit organizations, as established by the Chartered Professional Accountants Canada.


The financial statements are audited by independent external auditors appointed by the Board of Directors. The financial statements accompany an Auditors’ Report which outlines their responsibilities, the scope of their examination and their opinion on the Corporation’s financial statements.


Management meets with the external auditors, the Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee and the Board of Directors to review the financial statements and discuss any significant financial reporting or internal control matters prior to approval of the financial statements. 


 annual reports and plans



financial statements



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disclosure of board and management expenses


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