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board of directors

The three orders of government each appoint four representatives to our Board of Directors. The Board helps ensure that our revitalization mandate is delivered in an accountable, transparent manner.

Our current Board is made up of 12 members and a Chair who have a wide range of expertise that encompasses areas such as law, residential and commercial real estate, accounting and tax, investment and finance, environmental management, not-for-profit and public-sector organizations, public companies, entrepreneurship, urban planning and information technology.


The Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation Act, 2002 sets out the authorities and accountabilities of the corporation. By-Law No. 1, being the general by-law of the Corporation which governs Board activities.


public board meeting policy

Board and Committee meetings are open to the public, consistent with the requirements for public meetings under the Ontario Municipal Act and as required by the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation Act, 2002. Such open Board meetings are in keeping with one of Waterfront Toronto’s key objectives: to engage the community in the revitalization of our waterfront.


closed meeting investigations


In order to provide an independent review of Waterfront Toronto’s Board and Board Committee’s open meeting performance, Waterfront Toronto has appointed an Investigator to conduct investigations if there is a complaint about a closed meeting. Learn more here.


board members


serving on our board


Waterfront Toronto’s Board of Directors is composed of 12 Board members (4 each appointed by the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto) and a Chair, jointly appointed by the three orders of government.  Our board members include:


Click to read bios and learn more about the members of our Board of Directors.


board committees


finance, audit & risk management committee


The role of the finance, audit & risk management committee is to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities by:


  • Reviewing annual and quarterly financial statements
  • Overseeing external auditors engagement
  • Overseeing internal audits
  • Reviewing audit reports from governments
  • Overseeing risk management policies and processes'
  • Reviewing variances in capital project expenditures
  • Reviewing budgets and corporate plans


Susie Henderson (Chair)
Denzil Minnan-Wong
Jeanhy Shim
Janet Rieksts-Alderman
Helen Burstyn (Ex-Officio)

Read the Finance, Audit & Risk Management Committee Mandate to learn more.


investment and real estate committee


The Investment and Real Estate Committee assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities by:


  • Reviewing and evaluating the major development projects, real estate acquisitions and divestitures, and other significant projects of the Corporation.


Stephen Diamond
Susie Henderson
Helen Burstyn (Ex-Officio)

Learn more by reading the Investment and Real Estate Committee Mandate.


partnership committee


The role of the Partnership Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities by:


  • Identifying partnerships with the building industry, pension funds, small business, technology /innovation sector, financial institutions, labour, academia, philanthropic organizations, and not-for-profits, among others.
  • Providing advice and engaging with Waterfront Toronto staff in partnership outreach including identifying key pilot project opportunities and create engagement strategies for external partners.
  • Examining and engaging on innovative funding mechanisms, including joint public/private partnership models for sustained funding and programming, operation and maintenance of parks and public realm in the designated waterfront area including the potential for a conservancy model.


Helen Burstyn (Chair)
Sevaun Palvetzian
Mohamed Dhanani
Meric Gertler

Read the Partnership Committee Mandate here.


governance committee


The Governance Committee assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities by:


  • reviewing and recommending appropriate Board Committee structures and Board Committee members to the Board
  • developing mandates for the Board Committees
  • reviewing the Directors’ and Officers’ indemnification and third-party insurance coverage
  • developing and monitoring policies to facilitate public access to meetings of the Board and its Committees
  • assessing the composition and effectiveness of the Board of Directors and the Board Committee members at least annually
  • reviewing the code of conduct and ethical behaviour policies


Janet Rieksts-Alderman (Chair)
Mohamed Dhanani
Denzil Minnan-Wong
Helen Burstyn (Ex-Officio)

Read the Governance Committee Mandate to learn more.

human resources & compensation committee

Please note: The responsibilities of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee have been assumed by the Chairs Committee.  

chairs committee


The Chairs Committee has two distinct and separate functions to assist the Board of Directors with its oversight responsibilities:

  1. The first function is to convene a conference call in advance of each Board meeting to identify matters that have been reviewed and recommended for presentation to the Board by each Board Committee and, based on that identification, to structure the agenda for the upcoming Board meeting. 

In performing this function and so long as the Committee is not exercising discretion in deciding which matters will appear before the Board, such conference calls will not be considered meetings to which the requirements of By-Law No. 2 of the Corporation and Section 190 of the City of Toronto Act apply. 

  1. The second function is to assist the Corporation with its oversight responsibilities in respect to human resources management as follows:
  • creating and maintaining an equitable and progressive culture and the HR systems necessary to attract and retain the talent needed to achieve the Corporation’s objectives, one of which is being an employer of choice; and
  • utilizing the best practices in human resources management in areas such as but not limited to compensation, recruitment, training, employee relations, succession/talent management, performance management and benefits administration and other leading edge programs designed to meet the Corporation’s objectives.


Helen Burstyn (Chair)
Janet Rieksts-Alderman
Susie Henderson
Mazyar Mortazavi


To learn more, please read the Chair Committee Mandate.

public and government engagement committee


The Public and Government Engagement Committee assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities by:

  • providing advice for the integrated communications and marketing program for the Corporation that among other things:
  1. positions Waterfront Toronto as a world leader in waterfront renewal, and champions visible progress on waterfront revitalization,
  2. ensures robust and effective public consultation and engagement on Waterfront Toronto’s activities;
  3. monitors and reviews the activities of the Corporation with respect to its accountability to the three orders of government; and
  4. work towards strong and effective working relations among the Corporation, the governments, their agencies, and any other public sector organization that has a mandate on the Toronto waterfront.


Sevaun Palvetzian
Mazyar Mortazavi
Mohamed Dhanani
Helen Burstyn (Ex-Officio)

Learn more by reading the Public and Government Engagement Committee Mandate.


quayside committee


The role of the Quayside Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to Quayside Matters (as defined in the Quayside Committee mandate). The Committee will provide strategic review and advice for recommendation to the Board on:

  •   Quayside Matters (as defined here);
  •   Governance Framework and Protocols;
  •   Acquisitions and Divestitures;
  •   Core Principles/Risk Management; and
  •   Assessment  

Learn more by reading the detailed Quayside Committee Mandate.



Susie Henderson (Co-Chair)
Mazyar Mortazavi (Co-Chair)
Stephen Diamond


design review panel - board liaison

Mazyar Mortazavi has been appointed as the Board Liaison to the Design Review Panel.


board meetings



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