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The Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto created Waterfront Toronto in 2001 to oversee and lead the renewal of Toronto’s waterfront. The key drivers of the waterfront revitalization are reconnecting people with the waterfront, design excellence, sustainable development, economic development and fiscal sustainability.


Waterfront Toronto is a corporation funded by three levels of government. These government bodies have provided seed capital for a 25-year mandate to transform 800 hectares (2,000 acres) of brownfield lands on Toronto’s waterfront into beautiful, accessible, sustainable mixed-use communities and dynamic public spaces. A strong, expert and engaged 13-member Board of Directors, appointed by the three levels of government, oversees the strategic direction.




When Waterfront Toronto was established, the three orders of government each committed $500 million in seed capital to enable the organization to begin the revitalization process. The vast majority of the land in the waterfront revitalization area is owned by the governments and they also gave the organization development control over their land.


To facilitate our revitalization program, Waterfront Toronto works with public and private partners who buy the land for development. Waterfront Toronto’s funding model leverages the public capital by working with private development partners who buy the land for development, and the money earned is used to further fund public infrastructure.




As a tri-government organization, Waterfront Toronto is fully accountable to the governments of Canada, Ontario and the City of Toronto. Waterfront Toronto’s priorities are set jointly, annually, with its government partners. Each government approves all of its funding to Waterfront Toronto through detailed and binding contribution agreements. Funding for each project and in many cases phases of projects is administered through contributions agreements, as is corporate annual spending. Contribution agreements are based on an annual tri-government negotiated long-term funding plan, which is approved by Toronto City Council, the Ontario Minister of Infrastructure and the Federal Minister of Finance.



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Find out about the three governments behind our waterfront revitalization. More


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Meet our Board of Directors and learn about its mandate and committees. More


Meet our senior management team. More


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Learn about the independent advisory body that guides and informs the revitalization of Toronto’s waterfront. More


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Take a look at the design teams we are working with to design our new waterfront communities. More

Read Waterfront Toronto financial statements and management reports. More



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