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Waterfront Toronto’s first sustainability report highlights waterfront progress

Waterfront Toronto, the public advocate and steward of waterfront revitalization, has launched its first Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report. The report outlines the corporation’s progress in reconnecting people with the waterfront and implementing key economic, environmental, and social benefits that enable Toronto to compete aggressively with other top tier global cities for investment, jobs, and people.

The report covers the period from the establishment of the Corporation in 2001 to December 2012, and reviews the organization’s performance in a balanced triple bottom line approach, quantifying success not by economics alone, but also through measurable environmental and social improvements. The report is offered as an online microsite available at www.waterfrontoronto.ca/csrsr.

“From developing green building requirements and minimizing construction waste, to building and protecting aquatic habitat, Waterfront Toronto has worked with a considerable number of stakeholders – developers, contractors, governments, sustainability experts and the public – to ensure that our work considers economic, environmental and social impacts,” said John Campbell, CEO of Waterfront Toronto. “Our report provides a first-hand look at the efforts we’re making to ensure the sustainable stewardship of the revitalization of Toronto’s waterfront.”

Highlights of the report include, outlining:

  • How the corporation is meeting its sustainable development commitment by delivering several LEED® Gold buildings, with several more under construction;
  • How the corporation is meeting its commitment to providing affordable housing with almost 500 units currently under construction;
  • How the corporation is delivering smart and innovative infrastructure, including flood protection and stormwater management;
  • How the corporation is protecting the environment by creating over 100,000 square metres of aquatic habitat and exceeding corporate waste diversion targets, with Waterfront Toronto projects diverting an average of 86% of construction and demolition debris from landfill through recycling and composting.

Waterfront Toronto’s first Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report demonstrates the corporation’s progress, challenges, and achievements and supports its dedication to transparency. The report provides stakeholders with a mechanism to understand and evaluate Waterfront Toronto’s work.

“By covering issues of land, infrastructure, water management, public space and buildings, Waterfront Toronto’s Report sets a new standard for responsibility reporting in the real estate sector. But the Report also accomplishes more than just tracking achievements,” said Jamie James, Sustainability Advisor to Tridel and President of Tower Labs @MaRS. “It provides a living document for builders and building owners to use to attract a new generation of residents, businesses, and visitors to one of the most dynamic urban revitalization programs in all of North America. There should be a hard copy or link to this report in every marketing brochure for every property in the district.”

Waterfront Toronto’s first corporate responsibility and sustainability report is the culmination of a significant amount of work both internally and externally in terms of engaging development partners and the public in the corporation’s performance. In addition to documenting corporate sustainable development performance in a transparent manner, the report also demonstrates a strong commitment to leadership in sustainable city building.

Waterfront Toronto’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report was developed using the Global Reporting Initiative Index (GRI) as the reporting guideline. GRI is an independent, third-party global organization, whose sustainability reporting frameworks are widely used around the world.

About Waterfront Toronto
The Governments of Canada and Ontario and the City of Toronto created Waterfront Toronto to oversee and lead the renewal of Toronto’s waterfront. Public accessibility, design excellence, sustainable development, economic development and fiscal sustainability are the key drivers of waterfront revitalization.

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