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Waterfront Toronto Sets Timeline for Public Release of the Quayside Proposal

Toronto, ON - In the coming weeks, Waterfront Toronto will outline the evaluation process it has built to determine if the draft Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP) meets the goals of the Quayside RFP in a manner consistent with the public’s best interest. This process will include all three levels of government, external subject matter experts, and of course, direct consultations with the public.

“Quayside was envisioned as an innovative step forward for Toronto, that could address important urban challenges such as housing affordability, mobility, economic development, and sustainability. We always focus on presenting complex projects in a way that is clear and understandable to the public, and engaging in meaningful, timely and transparent community consultations that allow us to fully consider and incorporate public feedback into project design,” said Meg Davis, Chief Development Officer for Waterfront Toronto.

“With this in mind, we will release the draft MIDP, with supporting guides to assist the public in reviewing the document, within a week after it is received from Sidewalk Labs,” Davis concluded.

Waterfront Toronto remains committed to providing meaningful opportunities for waterfront communities and the general public to get involved in our revitalization efforts, and our Quayside project is no different.  Decades of effective community consultations have proven that a wealth of public knowledge and perspective results in better design, planning, and delivery of our projects.

When the draft MIDP for Quayside is received from Sidewalk Labs later this spring, Waterfront Toronto will use a wide range of engagement tools - online and off - so the widest possible audience can understand the complex project and have their voices heard.

As with all of its projects, Waterfront Toronto’s approach to community consultation and public engagement begins with providing sufficient and accessible information to the public to enable informed input over the course of our community consultations.

Following the delivery of the draft MIDP, Waterfront Toronto will first determine if any content requires better clarification for the public, and ensure that the planned community consultations will give the public a fair opportunity to provide meaningful input on the Quayside proposal.

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Media Contact: 

Andrew Tumilty
Media Relations
Waterfront Toronto

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