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Across the waterfront, conventional infrastructure is being re-imagined and re-purposed to enhance the quality and liveability of the new communities being built. We are taking advantage of pioneering technology and integrated design to build new communities for the 21st century city.


future ready


In our increasingly connected world, Toronto’s new waterfront neighbourhoods will be ready for the web-enabled technologies and applications of the future. We are building intelligent communities on Toronto's waterfront by providing Canada’s first open-access, ultra-high-speed broadband community network. Every residence and business will be wired with the latest fibre-optic technology and enjoy affordable and unlimited Internet access at speeds up to 500 times faster than typical North American residential networks. Neighbourhood-wide WiFi access will ensure that the digital applications of today and tomorrow are accessible to everyone who lives, works, learns or plays in our new waterfront neighbourhoods.


This enhanced connectivity will attract and support the jobs and industries of tomorrow, particularly those that rely on data-intensive operations such as digital media, film and television production and gaming. 


optimizing form and function


From roadways to flood protection and stormwater management, we’re building next-generation infrastructure that combines form and function in order to serve multiple uses. At the foot of Lake Ontario, Sherbourne Common is the first park in Canada to incorporate a neighbourhood-wide stormwater treatment facility into its design. In the West Don Lands, Corktown Common is perched atop an 18-acre flood protection landform that protects a large section of  the eastern downtown and Toronto’s Financial District from the risk of flooding. Another novel approach to infrastructure development is Underpass Park, which transforms the unused space beneath a series of city overpasses into a beautiful and dynamic public place, complete with children’s play and climbing structures, basketball courts and spaces for community events. 


green technology


The renewal of Toronto’s waterfront is also promoting the development of home-grown solutions to protect and enhance our natural environment. Faced with one of the largest brownfield remediation projects in the world, we established a Soil Recycling Facility Pilot Project to assess technologies to clean and process contaminated soils. Once the ground is ready for development, our Green Building Requirements ensure all projects to take advantage of the latest sustainability approaches and technologies, delivering a positive impact on the surrounding air, land and water. To ensure that neighbourhood streets stay green and vibrant for years to come, We use soil cell technology that allows trees to mature and thrive in the urban environment.

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