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procurement: frequently asked questions

process specific questions:


What types of bidding opportunities are available?

Waterfront Toronto is responsible for procuring a wide range of projects that vary in scale and complexity. These include precinct-wide master planning, architecture and construction projects, as well as all the smaller components – the purchase of lights, benches and public art, for instance – that make the implementation of our large projects possible.


How can I find out about the ones that are relevant to my business?

The best way is to check the Opportunities section of our website on a regular basis.
For consulting contracts where the estimated value exceeds $100,000, you will find these contracts posted via a public tendering network, such as Merx.


How does Waterfront Toronto procure?

Waterfront Toronto uses various methodologies to purchase goods and services: Tenders, Requests for Proposals, Requests for Quotations, Prequalification Requests, and Advanced Contract Award Notices (ACANs). The procurement methodology is chosen based on the extent to which the scope of a given project has been defined in advance, its order of magnitude, complexity, and the extent to which price is a determining factor. For more information, see Section 5.2 – Procurement Methodologies in our Procurement Policy.


bid specific questions:


Has a specific RFP, RFQ, etc. been awarded?

Please check the “Awarded Contracts” section of this website.


May I speak by phone to a Waterfront Toronto Project Manager about my question regarding an RFP, RFQ, etc.?

No. It is imperative that you submit your questions by email to the Waterfront Toronto Procurement Manager, as explained in the procurement document under the section called “Enquiries.” The Vendor is prohibited from communicating with any Waterfront Toronto staff member, consultant or Board member during the blackout period, at the risk of disqualification.


Will a site meeting be held for the RFP on which I wish to bid?

If a site meeting is going to be held, it will be listed on the Timetable page in the RFP document.


Who will be on the evaluation team?

The names of evaluators are not made public. In general, evaluation teams are comprised of Waterfront Toronto staff familiar with the project.


How will I know whether I was successful in winning the project?

You will be sent a letter. All Vendors who make submissions will be notified by letter to let them know one way or another whether they were successful.


I was not successful in bidding on a project. Can I request a debriefing session?

Yes. Please email procurement@waterfrontoronto.ca, citing the title and procurement number of the project. The Procurement Manager will be happy to speak with you by phone or meet with you in person.


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