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don mouth naturalization and port lands flood protection

A New Mouth of the Don River, a new Community for Toronto

The Port Lands Flood Protection Project is about taking action to protect Toronto’s southeastern downtown area. Right now, in an extreme weather event, floodwaters from the Don River would overwhelm portions of the Port Lands, South Riverdale and Leslieville. Our plan is to reconnect the Don River to Lake Ontario by creating a naturalized river mouth. To do this we are embarking on one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Toronto’s history.


For more information about the planning and future development of the Port Lands and the Don Mouth Naturalization project, visit PortLandsTO.ca 

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project status

Approved Budget:

quick facts

DMNP EA Study Area boundaries: Eastern Avenue in the north, Ship Channel in the south, Inner Harbour in the west, and Don Roadway in the east

Proximity: 20 minute walk to downtown

What the naturalization of the mouth of the Don River will deliver:


  • Over 1,000 m of new river channel
  • 13 hectares of new coastal wetland, with a 2 hectare wetland patch adjacent to the Don Roadway connecting to the Ship Channel.
  • 5 hectares of terrestrial habitat located within the constructed valley system with additional greenspaces anticipated outside the valley system
  • Creation and enhancement of 14 hectares of aquatic habitat

Flood protection facts:


  • 290 hectares of land are at risk due to flooding from the Don River, under a Hurricane Hazel-sized storm event
  • The new Mouth of the Don River will remove the flood risk to 240 hectares of land. The majority of the remaining 50 hectares of land still at risk due to flooding are designed to be flooded as they are located within the Keating Channel and the new naturalized river valley system. The Don Valley Parkway will continue to flood north of Lake Shore Blvd to Eastern Avenue. The only solution to flooding of the DVP would be to rebuild this section of the highway, which is outside the project scope.

Design Teams:



To sign-up for Port Lands Flood Protection construction notices, please email info@waterfrontoronto.ca

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June 19-20, 2019
Public Information Centre: Port Lands Flood Protection


July 18, 2018
Port Lands Flood Protection Community Consultation


February 22, 2018
Community Consultation: Don Mouth Naturalization and Port Lands Flood Protection


November 18 , 2015
Public Workshop - Connecting the Port Lands and South of Eastern Areas


November 17 , 2015
Public Workshop - Placemaking in the Port Lands


November 14 , 2015
Port Lands Public Open House and Information Sessions




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