Our senior management team provides strategic direction to the corporation and works together to bring our vision to life. The team also provides advice and recommendations to our Board of Directors.


president and chief executive officer

George Zegarac

executive team


David Kusturin
Chief Project Officer

Lisa Taylor
Chief Financial Officer

Meg Davis
Chief Development Officer

Christopher Glaisek
Chief Planning and Design Officer

Kristina Verner
Vice President, Innovation, Sustainability and Prosperity

Leslie Gash
Senior Vice President, Development

Julius Gombos
Senior Vice President, Project Delivery

Cameron MacKay
Vice President, Strategic Communications and Engagement

Pina Mallozzi
Vice President, Design

Kathleen Niccols
Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Rose Desrochers
Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

Ian Ness
Acting General Counsel              

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Capital Peer Review Panel

board of directors

closed meeting investigations

design review panel members

design teams

digital strategy advisory panel members

government partners

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